About Merrily Duffy

10-5D920BBE-96437-960Merrily is an Analytical Mystic living in the Emerald City with her husband Jaycee and their three cats. Merrily and Jaycee create comics together under Black Fairy Press. Black Fairy Press comics are inspired by music sub-culture scenes with a fantastical and fun twist.

In addition to creating comics Merrily also likes to illustrate pictures of whatever strikes her fancy.

Merrily’s music tastes range from Goth, 80’s pop music, New Wave, Brit Pop, Post-Punk, Shoegaze, Seattle Scene and stuff in between and beyond. She is a self-professed music snob but also has some admittedly questionable music choices. Her favorite bands are Bauhaus/Peter Murphy, The Chameleons, Lowlife and The Smiths/Morrissey.

Merrily has watched Sense and Sensibility by Ang Lee more times than she can count.

If forced to pick a favorite book she would narrow it down to two: Jane Eyre and Don Quixote. Her favorite writers are Charles de Lint, Anne Rice, Jane Austen, Tanith Lee and Roger Zelazny.

She watches a lot of cartoons while eating sarcasm for breakfast.